Saturday, November 7, 2015

Change of Possession by M.R. Polish

When the star quarterback wants you for himself, there are only so many ways out.

 After a tragic accident that left her best friend paralyzed, Keeley wanted a fresh start.  She enrolls in college and accepts an invite to the first party of the year.  Steve clings to her like saran wrap, but when she sees a mystery man watching her from the shadows, she knows she has to meet him.

Vahn wasn’t hanging out at the football team’s parties because he wanted to.  It was the opposite.  He hated them—the parties and the players—but he needed to stay close to the enemy.  When Keeley shows up to a party, Vahn is intrigued.  He can’t take his eyes off her as she twirls around the makeshift dance floor.  Dancing with Steve, the team’s quarterback, was dangerous.  Now his focus is making sure she makes it out alive.

Anything Steve wants, he gets—including Keeley, but he will have to make her understand that he doesn’t share what is his.  If she’s smart, she won’t fight him and just accept that there will be no change of possession on his field.

Cover by Redbird Designs

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