Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wolf Love by M.R. Polish

Before the beginning, before the spell, before the prophecy, there was a curse. A curse to love. 
Julie has always loved Jarak, but what if he didn't feel the same? That was something she couldn't accept. Especially since she was getting ready to die for a witch who wasn't even born yet. 
After Julie's death, Jarak vowed to find Esmerelda and use her to awaken his beloved, but doing what is needed means he has to hurt his only family and lie to everyone about Esmerelda and her whereabouts. Could he ruin the love his brother has to keep his own for the woman who held his heart, even in death? He will never know his true feelings if he doesn't. 

My Review:

This novella is a great addition to the Wolf Trilogy as it gives you more background on how Jarek and Julie fell love.  This book does not need to be read in order with the other ones either.   I actually read this one at the end and love it any way :)

This story helps explain what Julie did for love before the witches all died and how this affects what will happen in the future.  Wolf Love is a great addition to the Wolf Trilogy and highly recommend it!

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