Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Retribution by Katie Salidas

Retribution, the highly anticipated book #5 in the Chronicles of the Uprising series, is coming to a Kindle near you.

After the apocalypse, the true monsters were revealed, and it wasn't the Vampires. 
Humans reign supreme and anyone with supernatural blood is at risk.
Kill or be killed. Immortality is no guarantee.
Get the latest Chronicles of the Uprising book, Retribution.

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My review:

Mira has come a long way from being a Gladiator but there is still so much to accomplish.  With a new enemy at hand, she will not back down from what she believes in and will do anything to protect those she loves.

I have enjoyed reading this series from the very beginning, she Mira and all her friends grown along the way into the individuals that they are.  Mira's journey has made her a strong individual, not just physically either.

Katie has done a great job with Mira's story and this book was no different.  I am looking forward to reading more about the upcoming war and how it plays out.  Definitely a must read!

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