Monday, September 21, 2015

Fatal Abduction by Julia Crane

There’s a serial killer at large. His victims just happen to resemble Kaitlyn—dark haired, pale skin and athletic build. Kaitlyn goes undercover, attending a prestigious high school to try to lure the killer into a trap and save the lives of other potential victims. Will she be able to catch the killer before his body count rises? Or will she become the next victim?

My Review:

In this book Kaitlyn must go under cover to help capture a serial killer who’s victims happen to look like her.  By putting herself out in the public, Kaitlyn is in danger but she will do whatever it takes to ensure that there isn’t another victim. 

I absolutely love how Kaitlyn has overcome what was done to her and is now using her abilities to save others.  She is a strong willed girl who is hanging on to her true self as much as she possibly can and learning things over again.  I love how in these books there are parts that make you laugh, like when she says or does something that just doesn’t quite fit the situation.  Definitely looking forward to more of Kaitlyn.

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