Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fallada Faerie Tales by Alicia Michaels

Every story has a beginning…
See the world of Fallada through the eyes of Jacob Grimm, and discover the back stories of your favorite characters from the Lost Kingdom of Fallada series in these short story prequels. 

A King Named Magnus. The Queen of the Fae, Adrah Everstar, has no choice but to marry the man her father chose for her now that she has taken the throne. Can their arranged marriage become a love match despite their differences?
The Huntsman and I. Snow White awoke from an enchanted sleep to find that the man of her dreams had kissed her and broken the spell … or so she thought. When her happily ever after turns into a nightmare, another chance at love and redemption will present itself.

The Nymph Queen. Jacob Grimm has discovered many treasures in the realm of Fallada, but none are more elusive than the shy creatures known as Wood Nymphs. When he finally comes face to face with their queen, a love affair will change his life … and give rise to a prophecy hundreds of years in the making.

Fallada’s Last Stand: The Fall of King Magnus. War has come to Fallada as the greed of mankind threatens to destroy it. As the Faeries rise up to defend the land they call home, General Rothatin Longspear will face a difficult choice between duty and love, and Queen Adrah will learn just what sort of sacrifice being queen of the Fae will require of her.

My review

The three tales in this book take place before the Fallada series.  In these, you learn more about Rothatin, Adrah and Jacob Grimm all of whom are very important to Fallada. 

I had originally fell in love Fallada back when I read Through the Iron Gates and was hooked from the very start.  Alicia writes these stories so that you taken far away to Fallada and are a part of the tales that are unfolding in front of you.  I loved reading about Adrah became queen, how Jacob fell in love with a Wood Nymph and how Rothatin became who he is.    If you haven’t already read the Fallada stories, this is a great place to start!  You will not be disappointed!

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