Thursday, August 27, 2015

Undercover Empath by RaShelle Workman

Nineteen-year-old detective Rose Hansen has a secret. She can read a person’s intentions by touching their hands. It’s a curse! A power she never uses if she can help it. 

Only one person knows. Her partner Jack. 

At least that’s what she believes until a handsome, shirtless stranger appears on her doorstep in small town Blush Valley, California. He leaves her an envelope, but not before articulating his disappointment in her for ignoring her powers. The contents send Rose on a path toward the supernatural, solving her parents’ murders, and possibly even saving the world. 

Aside from that, Rose and her partner have two important cases they’re working. The first involves a missing child. The other is the death of a stripper. Ruled a murder, a very hot FBI agent from L.A. shows up and is given lead. To make matters worse, he asks her to go undercover. 
Her life is a disaster. Rose can’t strip. She doesn’t even own a dress.

My Review:

Rose is 19 years old and is an empathy (can read a person’s intentions by the touch of their hands).  Rose is also a very  young cop who is very good at what she does.  While investing the murder of her parents, Rose is asked to go under cover for another case and work as a stripper (Rose is not your typical girly girl—she doesn’t even own a dress lol).    There is also possible demon’s involved in this case and it up to Rose, her partner Jack and FBI Agent Vincent

I have been a huge fan of RaShelle’s since I read her Blood and Snow series and I will say that this book was great!  I would’ve loved to have read more but RaShelle has broken this story up into installments.  RaShelle’s writing draws the readers in, making them want more.  You will not be disappointed if you decide to read this! I know I am looking forward to the next book of the series.

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