Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Fall of Sky (Part 3) by Alexia Purdy

When living the crazy life of a Rock star, no one ever expects to fall from the high.

In the midst of a thriving Rock ‘n Roll career, Liv Westing has pushed the line between love and hate with Jonas Esperanza, the infamous Dos Pistolas Cartel leader with whom she’s entered into an unwanted carnal contract. He has his own game plan by precariously dangling Liv's and his brother Emilio’s hearts in his unforgiving grip of manipulation.

In the meantime, Liv’s sister Audrey has to figure out how to clean up the mess Liv has caused and keep things from falling apart with her boyfriend Saul, a fellow band member. Blood is thicker, even when it’s the one thing keeping the sisters from the life they crave. Audrey and Liv never thought hitting the big time would end up this bittersweet, especially when Jonas’ game turns deadly.

My Review:

In this installment of the series, both woman are doing with feelings for multiple men.  Liv can’t decide if her heart truly belongs to Jonas or to Emilio (Brothers which equals big trouble).  Audrey has feelings for Saul and now Random.  Which man will the sisters choose and where will things go with them?

This is another great installment of the Rock & Roll saga.  So many things left unanswered.  I absolutely loved this series by Alexia Purdy!  Alexia knows how to captive her readers with her writings and I look forward to many more books from her!

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