Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Across the Ages by RaShelle Workman

hosts are real. So is time travel.

Eighteen-year-old Lucy Channing discovers this reality after her dead grandmother gives her a beautiful locket. As soon as her fingers brush the cold copper, Lucy is swept out of the nineteenth century and into the twenty-first.

The first person she encounters is twenty-year-old William Godwin. He’s uber-rich, arrogant, exciting, and oh so handsome. 

William agrees to help the strange girl find her way home. Or into the nearest mental institution.

But what the two uncover reveals more than ghosts and time travel. Lucy and William discover a love greater than time itself.

A love so strong it reaches... 

Across the Ages.

My Review:

This books takes place over two time periods; both the nineteenth and twenty-first centuries.  Lucy is given a locket from her grandmother and one touch brings her forward in time which leads her to William whom is willing to help her get home.  Lucy meets up with a man whom she learns is her grandfather and that she has time travelled to find her true love.

RaShelle has once again written a fantastic book.  I enjoyed reading the love story that takes place over time and how well she pieced the two era's together.  The characters and the story are very well will not be disappointed!

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