Monday, January 19, 2015

Welcome to Ravenwood by Kymberlee Miller

Hidden deep inside the Magical forest an enchanting fairy realm exists. Welcome to Ravenwood─ a land where playful little friends try to keep eight-year old Raven Elderberry out of mischief while they explore their world. 
Raven is a precocious little fairy princess with a mind of her own. When a new prince and his family arrive, Raven has a hard time sharing the spotlight. Can Raven learn that sharing really is the best way? Or will selfishness cost her all of her friends. 

My Review

Raven is a fairy princess and in all sense of the world a brat :)  When a new prince moves in and people start liking him, Raven doesn't like this and starts to distance herself from all her friends.  One event can change all of that...

I thought this was really a good book for kids teaching them that all though you have your friends accepting new ones into your inner circle is a good thing.  It also teaches kids that being nice is always that way to go and that getting your way all the time doesn't pay in the long run.  I read this with my daughter and she really liked it!  Great job Kymberlee!!

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