Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Through the Glass Episode 6 - Rebecca Ethington

The Through Glass Novella Series continues with the Sixth episode in this dark and twisted tale that has been called “Fantastically Dark and Hauntingly Twisted" by Dark Reads 

They thought they were alone in the dark, in the house, they thought they were only being followed by one enemy, but now there are two - not including the children. But something is wrong with the children, something that Lex can’t place, and Travis wishes to run from. The question now is, who will be strong enough to pull the trigger. 

My Review:

This book picked up where #5 left off.  Bridget has finally found out that Lex & Travis' brother is a Tar but is able to handle more.  He is also not just any Tar, he can go out in the daylight.  Travis & Lex are are in a house with two kids who have been there from the beginning but the little boy is sick.  

There is so much going on in the installment and I really hope that there is an episode 7!!!  (hint, hint)

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