Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Gatekeeper's Sons by Eva Pohler

Fifteen-year-old Therese watches her parents die. While in a coma, she meets the twin sons of Hades—Hypnos, the god of sleep, and Thanatos, the god of death. She thinks she's manipulating a dream, not kissing the god of death and totally rocking his world.  

Than makes a deal with Hades and goes as a mortal to the Upperworld to try and win Therese's heart, but not all the gods are happy. Some give her gifts. Others try to kill her.

The deal requires Therese to avenge the death of her parents. With the help of Than’s fierce and exotic sisters, the Furies, she finds herself in an arena face to face with the murderer, and only one will survive.

My Review:

I am a huge fan of Greek Mythology so when I stumbled upon this book I had to check it out to see what it was all about....WWWWEEEELLLL let me tell you that I am so happy that I did!  I love how Eva combines modern day with that of the Greek Gods.  The Characters, Theresa andare so great together and make such a great storyline but then you have the added twist of Than's twin Hip!  Eva does a great job at describing the people, surroundings and events 

I highly recommend this book!!

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