Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Gatekeeper's House by Eva Pohler

Eighteen-year-old Therese Mills has second thoughts about marrying Thanatos when she learns no god has ever been faithful to his wife. Before she can move into Hecate's rooms, however, the Underworld is attacked, she and her friends are crushed, the souls are unleashed, and a malevolent goddess threatens to unhinge Mount Olympus.

Hypnos has just made a deal with Hades to have his turn in the Upperworld, but before he can tempt Jen with a kiss, he's called back to rebind the souls and defend the House of Hades, and he unwittingly puts Jen and her family in harm's way.

My Review:

Book 4 picks right up where book 3 left off and the author does such a great job of making the story flow you don't feel like you're on a new book :)  There is a great combination of greek mythology, romance, and on the edge of your seat suspense you are going to fall in love with the story, characters and the author!  A great read in an already great series!

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