Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Gatekeeper's Daughter by Eva Pohler

In The Gatekeeper's Sons, Therese and Thanatos, the god of death, met and fell in love. In The Gatekeeper's Challenge, they did everything they could to be together, even break an oath on the River Styx. But the Olympians don't tolerate oath-breakers.

In this third book in the saga, The Gatekeeper's Daughter, Therese may have finally succeeded in becoming a goddess, but if she wants to remain one, she'll not only have to discover her unique purpose, but also make some allies among the gods. Artemis sends her on a seemingly impossible quest across the world, while Than searches for a way to appease Ares. To make matters worse, her baby sister's life depends on the outcome of her quest.

My Review:

Book 2 left off with Therese finally becoming a god and you would think life would be good for her and Than..nope now she must find her purpose and if she doesn't she will become mortal again. Then to top this off Ares is after as a god just isn't easy LOL

I absolutely love this series and as it goes on I am loving them even more.  Just like the previous two books I didn't want to stop reading.  I need to find out what will happen to Therese and Than as well as what those pesky and not so pesky gods would do.  I absolutely love the different personalities of the gods and how well Eva combines them into the modern world.  I am looking forward to reading book 4!!

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