Sunday, January 18, 2015

Semper Mine by Lizzy Ford

“A freak accident landed both of the Khavalov twins under my command, just before a routine mission turned into a nightmare. I brought home one twin in a coffin and the other in a coma missing his leg. I did everything right – and still people died. I can’t forget that night or how many lives it changed, including mine. 

It’s natural for their sister, Katya, to blame me. I made one decision in the middle of a firefight, and it shattered her sheltered world. I’m the ice to her fire, and when we first meet, it’s not pretty. I don’t fear war or death, and I am definitely not going to let a beautiful woman with a quick temper and broken heart scare me off, either. I know she’s hurting, and I’m determined to make sure she’s okay. It’s the least I can do for the twins. 

My Review:

Semper Mine is a great story about two people who are wounded and struggling in life that come together and beat all odds with each other.  Lizzy did a great job at writing this book and her writing of such a touching story pulled at your heart strings.  I truly enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading the second book in the A Sons of War series.

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