Thursday, January 15, 2015

Secrets by Alicia Michaels

Before The Resistance, my life was one of privilege and comfort. Before The Resistance, mine was a mindset of naivete and blind trust in a broken and corrupt government. Before The Resistance, I'd never stood up or fought for anything in my life. Now, there is everything to fight for and everything to lose. All for a glimmer of hope in our future. It may seem a small thing but with the smallest bit of hope, men have risen against their oppressors with fists raised, even when they knew they stared into the face of death. Now that I have found something to fight for, I can only hope that my past will not become a roadblock to my future and that the secrets I've kept from those whose trust I've gained will not come back to ruin the new life I've made. If they do, I fear that I will not only lose my place as part of the Resistance, but the heart of the girl I am slowly coming to love. 

My Review:

This book is through Gage's POV and I love how Alicia does these in different perspectives as it gives you a more rounded idea of what is going on no just with one main character but will your favorites.  I am not a huge Dystopian fan but I fell in love with this series right from the beginning.  The characters all amazing and they storyline is well written.  I absolutely love books that suck you into their world and you feel like you are living it all right along side them.

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