Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Reclaim Me by A.O. Peart

When the past comes charging back, the choice is never easy.

Abused as a child, Willow Conrad has managed to develop compassion for others early in life. She believes there is some good in every person, even in the “lost souls”. But when Seth, her boyfriend, loses his temper one last time, she is left badly beaten and broken inside. 

Jack McCoy has finally grown up. He used to engage in street brawls to release his anger and reassure himself of his own worth. Serving in the Marine Corps and then becoming a firefighter has put his life back on track. 

When Jack’s friend asks him to help Willow, he doesn’t hesitate, despite a reckless predicament he narrowly escaped that very evening. But when he stands face-to-face with Willow, he knows his past is back to haunt him. 

Will they take the second chance and let not-so-forgotten feelings resurface and blossom, moving past what drove them apart before? Or will Jack relapse into his destructive ways and lose Willow forever?

My Review:

Jack is an Ex-Marine, now working as a firefighter.  Willow is his ex-girlfriend who broke up with him six years ago because he had a temper.  When Jack is asked by a friend to check on her neighbor who just got abused by her boyfriend, he of course went over but to his surprise there is Willow.  After all these years he still loves her but knows that he must take it easy with her to prove that he has changed.

My Review:

The storyline of this one is great, a hard topic to cover but the author does a great job at working it into the love story.  Jack and Willow are both great characters and I love the supporting characters and can't wait to read more of the McCoy's.  Great job Angela, another fantastic book!!!

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