Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Fall of Sky by Alexia Purdy

Sisters Audrey and Liv Westing find that living on the edge turns out to be a bit different than what they thought.
This singing duo hoped to be discovered as the next big thing while fumbling through their turbulent existences. Each one is struggling to come to terms with their addictive personalities, a trail of destructive relationships, and the consequences of every misstep they unknowingly take.

When they attract the eye of a deadly but powerful Cartel family, Liv’s flighty decisions send the sisters spiraling into a world of sketchy music deals, sexy assassins and unfathomable demands from those who want nothing more than to own every piece of them.

In a place where love will kill, it demands a steep price which may be too high to keep Audrey and Liv’s fragile world from a swift crash and burn…

My Review:

Audrey and Liv are trying to get their music career going but that is not easy with Liv getting involved with a big, powerful Cartel family and now the girls are on the run.  Along the way on one of their stops, the girls pick up a rider named Saul and a friendship starts amongst the trio.  Can the groups career take off or will Liv’s past bad decisions catch up to them??

OMG right from the beginning you are pulled into the girls world of survival.  Each girl has a unique personality that add so much to the story.  Then you have the addition of Saul, a blind man whom Audrey can’t stop thinking about, who adds that much more to the tale.  I was totally engrossed in the Liv’s side of the story (don’t get me wrong, the budding relationship with Audrey and Saul is good), she is a strong girl that will do anything to help them out although not always making the right decision.  Once again Alexia pulls you into her story making you curse her for ending the book ;)   I definitely look forward to seeing what is in store for the girls in the next book
The Fall of Sky (Part 2)

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