Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Solstice by K.A. Poe

DESTINIES aren't always written in stone.
There was one thing in Madison’s life keeping her grounded, but now he is gone too, stolen from her by the Nefastus leader Constantine. Along with Mathias, Chloe, Noah’s younger sister, has been taken to Romania – the same place where both Salem and Silas wait. But is it just a coincidence? Hannah thinks not.

Madison knows she must pursue them; she must save them all, but it seems once again as if she is the only one ready to take action. She has a secret though; a ticket that once uttered will send her mother in a frenzy to get to Romania, to reunite with a husband she thought was no more. Will she give her mother what she has wanted for sixteen years, or continue to hold it in? Is it truly a coincidence that both the Nefastus and Silas are now in Romania? And if not, is this all a trap? One thing is for certain, Madison’s destiny will be put to the test and some will remain in the country of the vampires forever.

My review:

Book 2 picked up where the first one left off.  Mathias and Chloe are now in Romania with Salem and Silas; Madison wants to go save Matias now but knows she is not ready to fight them and to make it worse she can’t tell her mother that Salem is alive because than she would rush over to save him.  Can Madison learn everything she needs too in order to save those that she loves in time?

OMG this series is just amazing!  I absolutely love the intrigue and suspense of the story! KA does a great job of keeping the reader enthralled in the storyline and characters making it way too hard to stop reading (I kept finding myself having a hard time to put the book down just to go to bed LOL).  Madison may only be a young girl but she has had to grow up so fast in such a short time and then to make it all worse things just don’t ever seem to get easy for her.   Definitely a must read series!!!

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