Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Eventide by K.A. Poe

THE WAR is just beginning.
Although Madison successfully saved Mathias and her father, Silas escaped. Overcome with conflict between reuniting with Mathias and the relationship she inadvertently built with Alan, Madison retreats into her own thoughts. Should she make a life with the white-haired boy she worked so hard to save? Or with the one who's been capturing her heart? If that isn’t bad enough, she also feels lost on how to connect with a father she’s never known.

Madison’s relationship struggles are cut short when she and her allies receive a phone call. Just hours after Silas stole Mathias’s gift and shimmered away, Haven has been attacked. There are casualties. But could he have gotten all the way to America so quickly?

As tensions rise on all fronts, one thing is clear – they may have won a battle, but the War has just begun.

My review:

Madison and everyone is still recouping from the Mathias and Salem’s rescue mission but as they are still in Romania Madison learns that Haven was attacked.  Madison feels that things will never look good and she will always be at war with other forces; the main one being her brother Silas (the evil twin).

Madison not only is dealing with the tragic events that kept happening but she is now struggling with her feelings…does she go with Mathias; the boy who stole her heart from the beginning or Alan whom is taking it over??

OMG this books is just as good if not better than the others!!  There is just so much that is happening to Madison and her friends that I am flabbergasted!  Then to top it off now she has to deal with werewolves---can’t they catch a break??  KA does a great job of writing the storyline so that everything flows smoothly and is captivating!  I am so ready for the next book of the series!!!

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