Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Savage Possession by Belinda Boring

Growing up, Darcy knew that life would be filled with challenges and tough decisions, but none so difficult as the one that would alter her future forever. Given the choice between losing Mason or becoming a vampire, Darcy risks the overwhelming threat of insanity, and places her destiny, her hopes and dreams, in the hands of Devlin. When she survives the conversion and shows how truly strong she is, everyone thinks that the worst is behind them. It’s time to get back to normal - or their new normal - and live happily ever after.
But danger still lurks within the shadows - both in Woodside Hollow, the supernatural community, and within Darcy. Even though she looks fine, she seems “altered” to those closest to her, something beyond the expected consequences of her dual nature. With reports of dark rituals and blood sacrifices being performed, the Council has their hands filled trying to solve that mystery, leaving Mason scrambling to find out what’s wrong with his mate.
Will the imbalance warring within Darcy eventually settle, or will her decision to become part vampire-part werewolf lead to a SAVAGE POSSESSION?
My Review:

Darcy has survived the conversion making her a very powerful individual (both vampire and wolf) but things still don’t seem right to those that surround her.  To top that off Devlin and Mason have to help investiage some huge murders that they are unsure of who is doing them.    There is so much going on with Darcy and it is up to her as well as Mason to figure out how to get rid of evil once again so that they can finally go on with their lives as husband and wife.
Life has not been easy for Darcy and Mason ever since they have started dating and who would have thought that the start of their married life would be any different.
I feel in love with Mason and Darcy right from the beginning and along the way I have screamed, cried, cheered and laughed with them all.  I have grown to love Devlin and enjoyed reading about Vlad.  This story was not any different than the others and Belinda has not disappointed me once again.  I love their tale and cannot wait for the next one in the series and hopefully we’ll get to read more about the oh so loveable Vlad ;)

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