Sunday, July 27, 2014

Darkness Unleased by Belinda Boring

Nothing is as it seems. 
Alliances will be forged and broken. 
Friendships will be tested. 
The bitter sting of betrayal cuts the deepest. 

As the startling truth behind Darcy's strange behavior is revealed, the race begins as time runs out for Mason to save his beloved mate. Fighting against an unknown enemy, he must rely on instinct and powerful magic to uncover the devious plot to destroy the woman he loves. Just when Mason thinks he understands and has everything under control, the true mastermind behind recent attacks steps forward to claim authority over the Supernatural community. As the Master releases his cruelty and malice on those who dare to defy him, it will take everything the Mystic Wolves Alpha has to protect those he's pledged to serve.

My review:

This series is one of my favorites.  I love the connection between Darcy and Mason, how even through everything this couple has gone through in their time together, their love remains as strong as ever.  Then throw Devlin into the mix, the mysterious uncle who lets others know very little of him.  i also have to mention Vlad, he is a fun and lovable character that I can't wait to see how he grows as a person.  Belinda has done it again and I was screaming at the cliff hanger at the end so girl you better have book 7 done VERY soon!!

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