Thursday, July 17, 2014

Captain No Beard: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life by Carole P. Roman

Captain No Beard and his pirate ship The Flying Dragon set sail for a voyage of the imagination with his fearless crew of four: First Mate Hallie, Mongo the Monkey, Linus the loudmouthed lion, and Fribbit the floppy frog. Normally a young boy named Alexander, his cousin Hallie, and three stuffed animals, once they board his bed their world is transformed into a magical vessel, sailing the seven seas on dangerous and exciting adventures! 

My Review:

Alexander or Captain No Beard as he calls himself is captain of the ship with Mongo, Fribbit, Linus, and Hallie (Captain No Beard's First Mate). As any pirate crew would do they set off on an adventure learning what it means to be a  pirate along the way.  The illustrations are very colorful and the book is written very well for children to read.  My daughter really enjoyed reading this one with me.

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