Friday, June 27, 2014

Flame by Alicia Michaels

Title: Flame
Series: The Bionics #5
Author: Alicia Michaels
To Be Published: June 27th, 2014
Publisher: Crimson Tree Publishing
Word Count: 39,000
Genre: NA Sci-Fi Romance
Content Warning: Minor violence, coarse language, and mild sexual content
Recommended Age: 16+

Synopsis: War has come to the United States. It’s been brewing for years as the government and Military Police wage war on the outcasts known as the Bionics. It’s spilling out into the streets as the militant Rejects continue to wage war against the ‘inferior’ humans, the M.P.s are raiding neighborhoods and putting Bionics to death, and I am fighting alongside the Resistance to save our kind from extinction. To top it all off, the president has now declared martial law, and the rights of American citizens are being stripped away one by one.
Together, with the vigilante known as The Patriot, and my Resistance family, I am prepared to fight the impossible fight, to stand up for what’s right. From a single spark, our little rebellion has grown into a revolution, a roaring fire that will envelop the nation. At the same time, things in my personal life are finally turning around. I’m in love with a beautiful girl who loves me back, and we might have a shot at a real future … unless the enemy manages to snatch away from me everything that I hold dear.

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