Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spirit Released by Cyndi Faria

In the seaside town of Whisper Cove, a centuries’ old curse tests true love... 

On her wedding day, Faith Cabrillo prepares to confess a desperate secret to her fiancé, Jake Mitchell—she’s cursed with both the ability of speaking to the dead…and never fulfilling the promise of true love. Before the truth is revealed, Jake’s life is endangered and Faith sacrifices herself to save him. 

Grief-stricken, Jake refuses to accept Faith’s comatose state. His innovative research keeps Faith alive, yet he’s faced with his biggest challenge when Faith’s spirit appears with a warning that his life is still in danger. Because Jake’s a man of medicine, he denies his Faith truly exists on two planes. Until he talks to her. And holds her. And begins to hope that he’s wrong. 

Will Jake’s devotion and Faith's body and soul be forged by love’s healing power in time to stop a killer before the curse again claims Faith …this time forever? 

My Review:

Faith is getting married but she has a secret that she needs to tell Jake but she's not sure she can.  Faith is cursed, she can talk to the dead and will never enjoy true love.  While she is preparing herself to tell Jake (the day of their wedding), a car is racing towards Jake and Faith jumps in to protect him.  

Jake is beside himself, trying to find a cure for Faith as she lies in the hospital.  Keeping her alive, Jake begins to see her but is denying it only to finally accept that he has always been able too see dead.

Will Jake and Faith be able to conquer all odds and come back to gather again or will she be forever a ghost to all?

I enjoyed reading "Spirit Released".  Even though Faith knows she is cursed, she is determined to find a way to break the curse so she can be with Jake, the man she truly loves the only problem is she waits too long.  I loved how even while in a coma, Jake and Faith finds each other to figure out a way to break the curse....true love will always find a way to survive.

Spirit Released was a great paranormal but sits apart from all the others out there as it's not about vampires, werewolves, etc.  The story is filled with intrigue, mystery, romance, and paranormal.  Both Faith and Jake are great characters and I can't wait to see what book 2 has in store for us!

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