Friday, April 25, 2014

What a Babe! (STARLETTE UNIVERSE) by Kathy Johnson

Welcome LIL' LILLY to earth -

WHAT A BABE - gets lots of raves - as BABY LILLY, the newest member of the STARLETTE UNIVERSE crew - makes her sparkling debut.

Lilly wears bows - from head to toes - and lives her life mostly - on a 'stroller' coaster. If you love 'sweet and frillly' - you'll love LIL' LILLY!

My Review:

I thought the book was cute however if this is meant for young readers who are just starting out I feel that some of the words and even the understanding may be beyond them.  The illustrations were adorable and fit what was being written about.   It's a great book for youngun's but just may be a little advanced for the age group

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