Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Uh-Oh....We Turned our brother into a Zombie by K.B. Miller

Witches, Magic and Zombies, oh my!

That’s what’s in store for Abby, Kenzie and Caleb Stewart when one of them check a mysterious book out of the library on Halloween.

As the magic spells fly from the book, an evil witch is released and Caleb is turned into his Halloween costume... a Zombie.

This Halloween will be a whole new adventure for Abby, Kenzie and Caleb Stewart. Will Abby and Hannah be able to reverse the mixed up spell? Or, will their little brother be a Zombie forever?

Spooky fun and adventure is on its way in
Uh-oh! We turned our brother into a... Zombie?

My Review:

Abby and her siblings go to the library to check out a book.  Abby finds this really old spell book which she takes home. Wanting to be a witch, Abby says a spell but as she is doing so her little brother walks into it and turns into a zombie.  Not only is he a zombie, all the kids in the neighborhood turn out to be a whatever they are for Halloween just freakier and they are all after Abby (the witch who was released from the book is making them).  Can Abby and Hannah reverse the spell or will Caleb be a zombie forever?  Ooohhh ;)

This was such a neat story that any kid who is into Halloween, monsters, etc will enjoy it.  The story takes place on Halloween and adds just another touch of scare to an already freaky holiday.  I love the fact that is the perfect sister attack by making her brother a zombie…I mean how many of us sisters wouldn’t kill to do that to our brothers sometimes?  I know I would LOL
K.B. does a great job of keeping her writing style to that of the readers that will be reading this.  Even as an adult I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more in this series.
I look forward to reading this one to my daughter soon and can’t wait to see what she thinks

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