Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Withering Palace by Alexia Purdy

This is Aveta's story.

Untold darkness rules the Unseelie realm of the Land of Faerie. Hidden in this vast area, Aveta, the future queen of theUnseelie Army perfects her gifts over lifetimes. Learning that magic isn't the only way to manipulate the world around her, this naive girl grows into a woman of strength, cunning and ultimately becomes one of the most feared leaders in Faerie.

Underneath her hardened exterior, lies a woman who has known the darkest of hearts, the agony of love, the pull of the consuming power coursing through her veins and what it takes to be ruler of the Unseelie within the walls of The Withering Palace

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 My review:

Aveta is the future queen on the Unseelie court living with a mother who will do everything to make it so that she won’t survive only Aveta is stronger than she thinks.  With the help our her maiden and the walls of The Withering Palace, Aveta grows up to be a strong, powerful woman who can overcome her mother and become the Queen that she is meant to be.

This book is a great stand alone story or is a great introduction (or background depending on when you read it) to who Aveta is, what The Withering Palace is and how they play a role in the Dark Fairie series.  If you start with this one you will not want to just stop, you will have to know what role Aveta and The Withering Palace places.

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