Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Project Wolf by Serena Walken

Fantasy Romance

Date PublishedJanuary 13, 2014

Buy. Zoo. Execution. Roxie's fate must be decided and Hero knows only too well that mankind fears what it doesn't understand.
A werewolf romance with a strange twist.

Roxie doesn't know why project wolves keep coming after her. Her hero is always there to stop them, but after a private confession, she never wants to see him again. Until she turns into a wolf with tiger colors.

Hero didn't plan it. Scent overrode common sense that night with Roxie Malone. Instead of any shame though, Roxie didn't remember the event. She blamed him for it and never wanted to see him again. Not even when he's saving her.
As she becomes a wolf with strange colors though, Hero realizes she isn't like him after all. Soon the whole world will too.

*Project Wolf is actually a story that happens one generation before the events of an apocalypse.

Serena Walken

Serena Walken is the author that should strike fear and love in the hearts of her audience. She writes books about love, but with an ending of the world twist. No two books in her series are exactly alike or she would die of boredom. Some of her books are more romantic comedy, while some verge on horror. A mixed bag as well as a mixed up author, but everything ends up with a romantic happily ever after.

Twitter: @serenawalken

 It was a young woman, sipping on a drink. A strange woman, Hero realized. The smell was permeating from her like perfume smoke from its bottle. Hero jumped into the crowd. Some people were trying to talk to him, but his eyes were only set on one.
The one with the drink. People around her began to try and talk to him too, telling him how much they cared about him, or about a random time he saved them or someone they loved, or something they loved. It was always very jumbled.
She held her drink in her hand tightly as Hero approached her on all fours. She looked around, before meeting her eyes with his.
He couldn't stop staring at her. People mumbled in the background, but he couldn't even make it out. He was consumed by this ordinary girl. Who held the best but strangest smell in the world.
“Hello?” She waved at him politely, but without confidence. “Good job. You know, with the project. They can be a menace. I mean, some, not all. Not you. If you are one. Um.” She went quiet. “Can I help you?”
“Ladies and gentleman, please step back! Give room!” Someone was always near him somewhere, making sure he never got out of control. As enforcers began to push back the crowd, they made the one with the drink shift away.

Hero grabbed the nearest official with his fangs and held him by his clothing. “Don't do that!” He looked back, but lost sight of her. She had shifted because of the enforcers. “Name. Name, what was her name?”

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