Friday, April 25, 2014

Kiera's Home by Lizzy Ford and Julia Crane

Kiera accompanies her life mate, A’Ran, to the toxic surface of Anshan to assess just how bad things are and whether or not she really can help the damaged planet heal. When she returns, she is faced with a larger challenge, one that threatens her newfound life and home, one too terrible to reveal to A’Ran, who has placed his hope and that of his people in her.

My Review:

Kiera and A’Ran are setting out to make Anshan a better place for all to live however it is all up to Kiera to heal the planet. While bak on Anshan, Kiera learns that the one A’Ran trusts isn’t who he makes himself out to be.  What will happen to Kiera,A’Ran and the planet Anshan?  Can Kiera do what she is meant to do and heal Anshan?

I enjoyed reading about Kiera in Kiera’s Moon and now learning what her next journey is as well as what she has to face just made the story that much more intriguing.  I am totally sucked into Kiera’s story and what she must do as a mate of A’Ran as well as a ruler of Anshan.  She is such a strong willed woman that you know she will going into anything head first and think about the consequences later.  I look forward to reading about Kiera and A’Ran’s next journey!

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