Saturday, March 1, 2014

Review - "Rise of the Tide" by Alicia Michaels

Phaedra Jones’ life is perfect. She loves her small coastal town and the beach, graduation is just a year away, and she’s in love with the boy of her dreams. Unfortunately, everything changes when Phaedra’s boat goes down in a storm. Luckily, Phaedra survives, finding herself in a world beyond anything she could ever imagine. Not only does she discover that she is a Mermaid shifter of the underwater kingdom of Zenun, but the kingdom of Fallada—where fairytale creatures live and breathe—is depending on her. Phaedra risks losing everything: her perfect life, her family, even the boy she loves … all for a cause she has no stake in. 

Arrian Riverleaf, Elf prince of the Riverleaf Clan, has been shunned by his people for over a century. After his arrogance caused him to be cursed, he became a hideous creature, only a shadow of his former self. When Princess Phaedra arrives in Fallada, he does not intend her to steal his heart. With her lost love to compete with and his own insecurities over his unattractive face, Arrian fights his feelings, knowing she could never look beyond his curse to love him. 

As the two fight together to save Phaedra’s people, the realm of Fallada and the world of men will both hang in the balance as the battle between good and evil rages on. 

My Review:

Rise of the Tide is the third in the Lost Kingdom of Fallada series.  Phaedra and her sister Sonia lives with their aunt in a coast town where things couldn't be any better.  This all changes one day during a boat ride when their a storm and the boat goes down.   Surviving the storm, Phaeda finds herself in another world where she is a mermaid and that someone is out to kill her as both her & her sister of two long lost princesses that could change the way Fallada is ruled.  

Along the way she meets up with Arrian, an elf prince and two other of the lost princesses (whom we've met in the first two books).  All of them are there to help her accept who she is, protect those she loves and to save the Zenun (her true home).  

I absolutely loved the book.  You have a whole other world with mermaids and mermen, you have characters you meet before that help Phaedra out and add just that much more to the story.  The characters are all describe with great detail, making it so easy to picture them in your mind.  The story line is great and I can't help getting lost in the book and being drawn into Fallada; which is one the things I love about reading.

Definitely add this book to your library!!!

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