Sunday, March 2, 2014

Review - "In the Mind of Thaddeus" by Julia Crane

Thaddeus is the only elf that stands between his kind and complete extinction.

That’s a lot of responsibility for a twelve year old. He’d rather play video games with his best friend and make fun of his older sister Keegan than have constant visions about the fate of elf-kind.

Unfortunately, his visions are happening more and more as the time of the prophesied battle approaches, and it’s making it hard for him to live a normal life. At the urging of his father, leader of the Light Elves, Thaddeus begins a journal as part of his training; even though he thinks it’s lame. 

Through his witty and wise eyes, we glimpse the world of Julia Crane’s “Coexist”, a novel about the battle between good and evil and the triumph of love.

My Review:

In the Mind of Thaddeus is about a young boy who is a seer (he has visions).  Thaddeus just wants to be a normal kid but he soon realizes that he can't do this and be the one that every one will go to for answers.  As the battle approaches Thaddeus' visions are becoming more frequent and it's up to him to lead everyone in the right direction.

This book was a great companion to the Coexist trilogy although it could be read alone.  After reading the trilogy (which is awesome!), it was great reading this novella to see things in Thaddeus's point of view as he is a very smart boy for his age and has many great things ahead of him.  I loved his wit about the situation and how strong he is for his age.

A great quick read and must have for your collection

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