Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dovetailed by RaShelle Workman

In the final installment of the Immortal Essence series questions are answered, alliances are ripped apart, and the war on Kelari rages between more than just the factions. There are those who want to take over planet Earth as well.
Venus must find a way to bring peace to both worlds and do so without destroying the one person she's ever truly loved.


I had the pleasure of reading this book for the author.  Before I could read this one I had reacquaint myself with the first two so I read them all back to back.  Dovetail is the final installment of the Immortal Essence Series where everything you have read about is all pulled together in this one. 
Venus has learned that she is a goddess, one that is meant to save Kelari.  With the help of those she trusts and those she’s unsure, Venus finds the power within herself to accept who she, what she needs to do to make sure it happens, seek help from those around her and trust in her decisions.

Going into this series I really wasn’t too sure about them since I’m not into the otherworldly type of books but I wanted to keep an opened mind.  I am so glad I did, I ended up getting pulled into what was happening on Earthy and why Venus was there to her travels back toKelari and then her trials once home. 
I loved how the author described each character and creature that was Kelari, it made it so easy to picture them in your head thus enjoying the story even more J I loved the storyline and how it all panned out in the end and still think there could be more to this (her sister, etc.). There is a great mix of action, suspense
If you are looking for a great story, something out of this world, than pick up this book today (as well as the first two if you don’t have them), you will not be disappointed.

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