Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Tour - "Into the Light" by Jennifer Burrows

Romantic Suspense
Date Published: 2/27/2014

 After Laney is shot at point blank range, Josh works tirelessly to repair her life threatening internal injuries from the gunshot wounds.  What’s worse is he is forced to inform Laney’s parents about the tragic accident.  Having only just begun a relationship with the woman he knows in his heart he will spend the rest of his life with, he now has to reveal to her parents that a stalker has been tormenting their daughter.  While his only mission is to save Laney’s life, her parents have other plans for their daughter, none of which include Josh.  They are determined to find a new doctor for Laney, and if her parents have their way, she will be taken thousands of miles away from him.

Just when Josh thinks his entire world has been turned completely upside down, he finds his sister Jillian has stopped taking her psychiatric medications and has become a person unfamiliar to him.  Dealing with her psychotic world becomes even more of a shock, leaving Josh in a horrible dilemma.  He is torn between trying to save Laney’s life, keeping her parents from moving her away from him, and providing his sister the attention and help she desperately needs before she has a complete psychotic breakdown.

Will Josh be able to save the love of his life and prevent her parents from taking her away?  Will he be able to help Jillian through her mental illness before it takes over her life?  Will Laney’s relationship with her parents ever be salvaged?  Will Josh and Laney have their happily ever after, or will the hurdles they have to jump through prove to be more than they can handle?

And now for a little something from Jennifer:

How Do You Keep Your Writing Different?

This is a really great topic.  It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the same writing style.  I have few ways in which I mix it up.  Many books I’ve read lately are in the first person.  It’s usually one character all the way through.  Then the author will come out with a sequel of the same story but from the other character’s perspective.  It drives me nuts.  I’ve already read the story once.  I don’t need to read it again.   In my latest books, I give perspectives from the main characters.  The chapters will rotate back and for between the two or three characters.  The flow remains constant and there isn’t a lot of review.  I think my readers build a better connection to the characters and when the story is done, they feel satisfied.
I also tend to read books in between writing. I’ll pick out things from other authors I like and want to incorporate into my own writing.  Lately, I’ve been working on my showing vs. telling.  A great author for this is K.Bromberg.  She provides so much detail; you can’t help but get a clear picture.
Travel.  I recently traveled to Italy.  I learned some interesting facts which I incorporated into a new book entitled Surrender (release date TBD).  The book is based in Italy but some of the characters are American.  It is a huge change for A Shot in the Dark and Into the Light.  It was fun traveling to a new country and then being able to write about it.  Plus, it’s a tax write off once the book is published.  Yay!
Join a writing group.  These people are amazing.  You get together every so often and brainstorm ideas, talk about writing, share experiences.  There is so much to learn and incorporate into your own style.
Perhaps the most important thing is have fun.  Don’t force the story to come to you.  Think about it.  Mull it around in your mind for a few days.  That’s is when my best writing comes.  

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