Monday, January 13, 2014

Review - "The Flower Eater" by M. Larose

"In a world of medieval magic, a young priestess breaks her vows to experience forbidden love, unleashing dangerous passions that will either transform or destroy her."

Village maiden Trilla dreams that one day she will dance the steps as a Priestess of Zerr, wear the gown and ribbons, and serve the Goddess. Her hope comes true when she is accepted into training by the illustrious Sisterhood of Zerr. She is well on her way to becoming a priestess when a chance encounter with a handsome blacksmith tempts her to break her vows. Besieged by guilt, Trilla refuses his marriage proposal and chooses ambition over love.

When Trilla is sent to a distant village for her first placement in the Order, she adjusts to life in a new House - only to find herself disenchanted and filled with regret. Determined to reclaim the blacksmith's love, Trilla offers him the chance to make a new life with her, in secret. But he is now in love with another and rejects Trilla. Maddened by jealousy, she plots to poison her rival. But in a fit of despair, she swallows the poison herself. Instead of dying, however, she is transformed, and propelled into realms of astral energy, where she can see what others cannot.

In this fantasy tale, a young woman's psychic skill blossoms as the Sisterhood she once rejected seeks her help to battle strange evil in a land poised between violence and peace

My Review:

I enjoyed reading Trilla's story and her growth from a young girl to becoming a strong magical woman.  I loved how the sisterhood was based on dance and how every girl in the villages dream of becoming one of the chosen Priestess.  The story itself is very detailed which makes it easy for you to picture where they are and what it looks like.    I can easily picture the beautiful orange and purple robes of the priestess', the fire crystals, the fields of flowers, the astral world and so on.  I first thought that the beginning of the book was slow and dragged out but that was just the "background" of what the girls have to go through and is actually a building block for Trilla's growth and it changes so quickly that I don't mind that in hindsight :)

I would recommend adding this your personal library!!

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