Monday, January 13, 2014

Review - "Change of possession" by M.R. Polish

Twenty-year-old Keeley Moison moves across the country for one reason: to escape the traumas of her past and start over at a new college. What she doesn’t expect is to be thrust into a dangerous future - one where the quarterback of the football team has set his sinister sights on her.
Loner Vahn Silver is an outcast and likes it that way. Living in the shadows, Vahn forces himself into the light to protect Keeley from the man who killed his best friend - even if that means risking his own life.
But Keeley soon learns that the football team rules the school and everyone in it. When Vahn ends up in the hospital after a vicious attack and her quarterback stalker edges closer to his prey, Keeley must find the strength within herself to fight - and take back the change of possession. 

My Review:

Keeley has moved across the country to attend college and to try and get over the tragic accident that killed her best friend.  With few friends, Keeley ends up going to a party where the quarterback shows an interest in her but who is that mystery guy standing in the corners. 

Keeley has now been warned to watch out for him and when something takes place, Keeley meets up with the mystery man, Vahn, who is trying to protect Keeley from the dangers of being in the “In Crowd”.  This is when things go from bad to worse. 

All I can say is OMG!! I don’t even know where to start with my review of this book.  Keeley has already gone through a lot with a tragic accident kills her friend (driving drunk one night at a party), she is now faced with trying to start over again.  I absolutely loved Keeley and Vahn is mysterious yet turns out to be someone I wouldn’t have expected.  The twists & turns in the story are great and make you hang on to your seat and not put down the book so you can see what happens next.  I went through an emotional roller-coaster…I wanted to scream, cry, smile, giggle and even want to commit murder (yup I had that thought) 

I absolutely would recommend this book to everyone to read!

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