Friday, December 13, 2013

Blog Tour - "Loving You: by Cynthia O'Neill

Gregory Riley and Jordan Carlisle are destined to meet and marry to fulfill an ancient prophesy and defeat evil once and for all.  However, the powers of darkness have managed to intervene and prevent their marriage throughout time and history.   In each era and place, they are drawn to one another by an overwhelming and all-powerful love that defies explanation.  However, they are always mysteriously murdered before they can say “I do”. 

In Book One, the couple discovered their past life together in Victorian Virginia and the mysterious circumstances surrounding their deaths.  Now, with help from their visionary guide and other mediums, they must follow the clues to uncover who caused their demise during the time of America’s War of Independence.  

Both Jordan and Gregory know that they can’t be married until all the mysteries of the past are solved; so they secretly plan their wedding as they travel to Philadelphia, seeking to identify the witch and minions who have foiled their nuptials in the past and seek to prevent their upcoming trip to the altar.  

But this time, something’s different.  They experience the manifestation of powers that they have never had before and become stronger, as the darkness becomes bolder in an effort to destroy the couple.   Can they remember their past?  Can they remember their love?  Or will the darkness stop them, once again, before they can proclaim, “I Remember Loving You!”

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My Review:

I came into this book with not having read the first one.  At first I was a little lost but it didn’t take long for me to catch up with the storyline.  I thought this was a unique twist on a love story with the two main characters; Gregory and Jordan have visions/dreams of them back in the Renaissance period where they were partners.  I loved how they were trying to change fate by taking the information from these dreams to help figure out what happened or who did it before they themselves get married or worse yet, face the same fate as that of their past lives. 

I enjoyed reading the story and the back and forth between the two different time periods, however at the end I felt like I was missing some information which may have been from the lack of reading book one.  Overall a good book

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