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Blog Tour - "Hit for Freedom" by Margaret McHeyzer

Title: HiT for Freedom ~ Anna’s Battle (HiT #2)

Author: Margaret McHeyzer

Genre: Chick Lit with Edge 18+

Publication Date: December 18, 2013

Cover Designed By: Sprowt Graphic Design

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Anna Brookes also known by her Professional name 15, did what she had never done before.

She didn’t kill her target, HiT 149.

HiT 149 better known as Ben Pearson did something he had never done before.

He fell in love with Anna Brookes.

In Hit for Freedom, the sequel to HiT 149, a nemesis so powerful, terrifying and frightening is threatening the safety of Anna’s love, Ben and his hometown, St Cloud.

15 must deal with a force that may be too dangerous even for her skilled ways. With limited information on her new HiT, she willingly infiltrates his trust to acquire the knowledge she needs to implode the operations of the deadly man.

"What you saw earlier must be playing around in your head. But you didn’t scream or freak out which tells me you are either very strong or very broken. Either way, the information I give you from here on in, you must understand that I will kill you if you choose to repeat it to anyone." I’ll let him believe that. ~ Anna Brookes

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About the Author

I love to read. I'm a huge fan of books and when I start reading anything, I usually forgo doing everything else, I mean the housework will still be there in the morning (right?). When I love a story or book that I've downloaded, I usually refrain from sleep and am crabby the next day - but only until I pick my iPad up and start reading again!

I was recently described by a reviewer as my writing style is Chick-Lit with an Edge. I liked that so much that that's the way I describe the genre I write.

My goal when writing is just to take people away from whatever is going on in their lives, even if it's only for a split second.

I'm a go with the flow sort of person and don't really take a course of action to get where I am going. I live in the moment and don't usually worry about tomorrow because whatever life is due to bring me, I'll be happy to accept.

I love my family and friends and will help anyway I can if someone needs it. Every Friday I spend it with my girlfriends where we have 'cake day', which usually consists of a yummy yet nutritious lunch, quickly destroyed by a delicious and devilishly good cake and a caramel latte.

I really don't like people that are nasty just because they can be, I don't believe that's necessary, I mean life is hard enough as it is!

Three things you need to know about me; 1 - I'm fiercely loyal and will bend over backwards to help. 2 - I love chocolate, like A LOT and 3 - I have a huge crush on David Gandy at the moment! (I mean, who hasn't, have you seen the man????)

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An interview with Ben Pearson:

 Eagerly awaiting a very tall and I hear a very handsome Ben Pearson to make his way to my home, I straighten up as much as possible, and of course check that there is nothing in between my teeth.

A knock on my door sends my stomach into overdrive because of course I have Ben waiting for me on the other side of the door.

Once I open it (almost pass out because I have forgotten to breath) I usher the very tall and dangerously beautiful Ben Pearson into my lounge.

Me (Margaret): Thank you Ben for taking the time to visit with me.

Ben:  Well I am actually in Australia for...... business (he clears his odd)

Me:  What sort of business are you here for? I mean I didn't realise you had jurisdiction.

Ben: Well, all I can say is everything is revealed in Book 2. I hear the author has released the title.

Me: Yeah. It's HiT for Freedom.

Ben: Yes..... Freedom. An interesting and very apt name.

Me: Can you give us anything on it?

Ben: No.

Me: Moving on then. I hear that there is another book, Anna Brookes - In Training. I believe it picks up from when she kills Damon and Nox.

Ben: Those fu*kers deserved what they got. (I can see visible signs of irritation)

Me: Are you interested in reading it?

Ben: I'm interested in everything that has to do with my Baby Girl.

Me: Yes about that nickname. Some of the readers feel that you are almost putting her and her skills down when you refer to her as your Baby Girl.

Ben: People can say whatever they want about it. All I care about is that my Anna hasn't objected, maybe she feels a human connection when I call her that, I don't know ~ ask her. But I will tell you, if she asks me to stop, I will. I mean, there is no way I want to be on the receiving end of those damn Gold Glocks of hers. Even without a weapon, I would shut the hell up if she wanted me too.

Me: (giggling cause Ben is scared of a girl) She dropped in here a little while ago, and it seems that she is quite reserved when she talks about you.... and about her work..... and actually about herself. Mmmmm

Ben: Is there a question coming soon?

Me: Well what can you tell me about your sisters?

Ben: (I notice that Ben straightens his back and his face falters) No comment.

Me: Well Ben, other that asking if you would like to stay for dinner, that I would insist you cook, I would just like to thank you for your time.

Ben: My pleasure. And no, I wont cook for you. Just my Baby Girl.

Ben leaves and I stand at the door panting. Yes ladies, he is DAMN fine....
Til next time.

Margaret xx

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