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Blog Tour - "Thunderstone" by Barbara Pietron

Thunderstone by Barbara Pietron
Genre: YA paranormal romance
Published: November 12, 2013

Sneaking out at night, driving without a license, and falling for a guy weren’t things fifteen-year-old Jeni expected to do while visiting Lake Itasca, Minnesota.  Then she meets Ice, the local medicine man's apprentice.  Suddenly, her simple family gathering becomes an exciting – and terrifying – week of self-discovery.  At first Jeni doesn't believe Ice's claim that she can touch the spirit world and has somehow released a mythical underwater monster. However, she's forced to reconsider when a teen swears a monster killed his father while fishing on the lake. Just as she comes to accept truth, Jeni finds she is the only one who can imprison the monster, making her the creature's next target.  She'll need immense faith in her newfound ability to put herself in harm's way and face down the monster.  And even if she succeeds in delivering the local population – and Ice – from the creature's wrath, there is no guarantee Jeni will escape with her own life.


About the Author

After years in the corporate world, Barbara found herself with a second chance to decide what she wanted to be when she grew up.  Her lifetime love of books and the written word returned one answer: writer.  Drawing from her experience with technical writing, she began by writing non-fiction magazine pieces and achieved both regional and national publication.  Her success encouraged her to complete a novel.  She learned much from her first manuscript, critiques, books, contests, and blogs.  In 2012, her novel Thunderstone, was a quarterfinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest and won a critique by Publisher's Weekly.  A few months later, she was offered publication by Scribe Publishing Company.

 Barbara has a few other novels in the works, including a Thunderstone sequel. If she's not reading or writing, Barbara likes to walk, garden, and sew.  She works in a library and lives in Royal Oak, Michigan with her husband, daughter, and their cat – who often acts like a dog.

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and a little something from Barbara

  Hello readers! Barbara Pietron here, excited to be the guest blogger at Tanya's Book Nook. Thought I'd talk about, well, reading of course. Sure, I'm a writer, but I'm a reader first. Reading is the one constant that has never wavered throughout my life. The kind of books I've read, however, has definitely morphed over time.
     One of my earliest memories is reading the Happy Hollister series. Imagine the Narnia kids (plus one; there are five Hollister kids) solving mysteries like Nancy Drew. My family owned the entire series of thirty-some books, and after sampling the first one, I gobbled them up. Then I moved on to the Little House books and The Black Stallion, along with staples such as Freaky Friday and Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. But when I was thirteen, I discovered my neighbor mom's bookshelf, and pulled down a little novel called 'Salem's Lot by Stephen King. Life changing, truly.
     Though I've read everything by Stephen King, I didn't dive into the horror world. I was a teenager, and realized I could learn about life from books. Every movie I wasn't allowed to see, I read the book: The Omen, Ode to Billy Joe, Jaws… I also discovered steamy romance novels; I think the first was Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers. I remember hiding those books between my mattress and box spring—they were contraband at my house.
     As I entered the adult working world, I got into espionage and thrillers by authors such as Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy, and John LeCarre. I discovered Anne Rice when I ordered The Witching Hour from my Book of the Month club which naturally led me to her Vampire Chronicles. At some point I jumped into fantasy and read countless David Eddings books and got on board the Robert JordanEye of the World series.
     Then I became a mom. My daughter was a toddler when Harry Potter come on the scene and by the time she was a tween, the Young Adult genre was kicking into full gear. This new concept of adults reading books written for a younger audience opened up a whole new world of books to read. Then, inspired by series like Pretties and Percy Jackson and the Olympians, I decided I wanted to write for young adults.
     So looking back, I find it interesting to see how my love for books has evolved and adapted with me. How about you? Can you trace the times of your life by the fluctuation of your reading choices?

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