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Blog Tour - "Loving in Time" by AE Kirk

Loving in Time
AE Kirk

Genre: Romance sci-fi, time travel

Publisher: Vanguard Press

ISBN-10: 1843868113
ISBN-13: 978-1843868118

Number of pages: 370
Word Count: 92,000

Book Description:

Living in New England, half Greek half American high school student, Helen, lives a relatively normal life; a mother and father and two bratty younger twin brothers. But it all changes when her mother welcomes two strange but devilishly cute boys, Marcus and Gus, into the house and into Helen’s life.

While the boys live with Helen, they help her discover that she is far from normal and she is, in fact, part of an ancient Grecian love story that has stretched to every corner of the world. She is Helen of Sparta from the myth, Helen of Troy. The boys however, ask a difficult favour from her, to leave her modern family and go back in time to help break an ancient cycle.

Given the ability to stop time and travel into centuries past, she and her new friends, Marcus and Gus, are joined by five other boys who try and protect Helen from the evil Decurion soldiers; ancient time travellers who wish to stop Helen from breaking the cycle.

Journeying to Ancient Greece, Helen must act as she once had but when the moment the war begins and Helen must break the cycle, she is given a life changing decision. The question is, will she choose wisely?
Excerpt 1:

Stretching out on the couch, I placed my arm over my eyes to cover the afternoon sun that peeked in at the west facing window. I was getting a headache from doing so much and I still hadn’t even done my homework yet... which reminded me I need to call Paris.
About to get up to grab the phone, I heard a car pull into the driveway. Sitting up, I looked out of the window, but only saw the top half of the metallic green people carrier which belonged to my Mom. Groaning that the dweebs were home, I flopped back onto the couch and closed my eyes.
Bang! Went the sound of the first door that was usually Castor. One minute older he always got out of the left side of the car first. Bang! That was Sander’s right door being slammed shut. Bang! And there was Mom’s. Bang!
‘Huh?’ Sitting up and frowning, at the forth door slam I glanced at the car again and saw five heads move to the front of the house.
Keys jangled as they moved to the door.

In a sitting position, I looked around at the door to see who was coming into the house. Then it hit me, could these be the kids Mom’s note referred to?
The door banged open and Castor and Sander ran into the hallway, glancing at me in the room, they then gave me the middle finger and ran up stairs to their room.
‘Suckers,’ I laughed. Standing up as I saw shadows on the carpet.
‘In you go,’ I heard Mom suggest. Standing up, I saw two tall figures move in front of me with their backs turned. Holding two large navy blue holdalls in each hand, they placed them on the floor. Hearing her shuffle down the hallway, she headed to the kitchen; glancing at me as she passed. ‘Oh Helen,’ Mom smiled as she did a double take and spotted me standing there like an idiot staring at the backs of the heads of two tall guys. ‘This is Marcus and Gus, they will be staying in your brothers' room for... well, until we can sort something out.’
At that point, they turned and my jaw dropped. It was that Marcus guy I had met only a few hours ago outside the entrance to the school. His friend, who looked rather similar to him, was maybe an inch taller with slightly darker hair apart from a few strands of highlights by his ears.
‘Wrong Girl,’ Marcus laughed, snapping his fingers and pointing at me. Nudging his friend he said, ‘I told ya we’d meet up again.’

Excerpt 2:

‘No I will not do it,’ my father shouted angrily. Staring along the floor, I saw three shadows come into the room, heading to the table.
‘But sir, I have been here for nearly two weeks’ said a familiar voice. ‘You must send word back to my King. If you accept, your daughter will be safe with us. I assure you, we shall protect her from any harm.’
My mouth flew open as I realised it was Gus. Planting my cheek to the cold hard shiny floor, I angled myself so I could look under the cloth. Two men had their backs to me; my father was angled towards the window looking pained.
‘I hear you,’ my father sighed, ‘but do you know the charges towards men who look upon her beauty before she is married? Your King is most generous and while I do agree with him, I cannot ignore the other suitors. I have just told my daughter today that I have agreed for her to be married; yet she cannot possibly understand that with her beauty there are more than enough eligible suitors for her one thousand times over.’
The man on the left sighed heavily. ‘I do.’ Smiling at Gus’s attire, though I only saw it from the back, I admired his manly hairy legs.
‘It is treason to look upon her and I feel I’ll be damned by the Gods if I asked her to cover her face for much longer.’
I nodded, understanding why the man from the gardens had closed his eyes when he looked up at me and why the advisors that accompanied my father earlier had stared at the floor. No one could look at me; no one would dare look at me for fear of being killed for treason of going against the Gods.
It seemed that only my parents and women were allowed to see my face, but not the men. Dom’s words rang through my head as he told me the truth of my dilemma when I arrived. I would be ignored by him, by all of them. They would refuse to look at me and, in so doing, would refuse to talk to me. Damn I had my work cut out.
‘Your King feels a war coming on, does he not?’ my father asked Gus and the other solider, both of them tensed at his question. ‘He wants his son, Ajax, to marry my daughter. I would only agree if I knew it would appease the Gods.’
‘No one wishes more than I for your daughter’s happiness sir. As the Gods’ own gift to your great and noble heritage, it would bring great esteem to Ajax and to both our kingdoms if the match would cease the rumours of war. By joining both-’
‘It is not to be discussed with you soldier,’ my father spoke candidly. ‘Where is your Captain? If anything is to be addressed in my own palace it needs to be with him.’
‘He is aboard our ship. He charts the course for a safe return, consulting with the heavens,’ Gus told him.
‘A diligent man,’ my father smiled. ‘As you have been so patient with my decision, you may take word to your Captain that I will make a decision tonight. For your patience, please take enough food and wine that can be stored on your ship for your return. First I must speak with my family, we confer together.’
‘As you wish,’ Gus bowed and with his companion, they left without another word.
My father flicked through a few of the scrolls then after a while, left the room, slamming the door behind him. Still under the table, I stayed there for a good while wondering what was going to happen. I hoped and prayed that my father wouldn't take me on the ship to the other villa. Forming a very reckless plan in my head, I put on my best, “Bring it on” face and stormed out of the room, heading towards the one place where I needed things to turn out for the best: the ship Gus was going to.

About the Author:

AE Kirk lives within the majestic Devonshire countryside in England, UK where she wrote her novel, Loving In Time, within three months for a competition. Winning joint runner-up, she continued to write a number of other books ranging from sci-fi, to fantasy and action and a year later, while she was in South Korea teaching English, found a publisher. Kirk, who is Editor in Chief for a fantasy and sci-fi magazine, Kingdom of Fantasy, loves nothing more than to write interesting and unique stories with unusual plot-twists. After gaining a Masters in Social Archaeology at Lampeter University, Wales, Kirk uses her research skills to describe, in vivid detail, the ancient locations in her books. Kirk's passions in archaeology shines through in Loving In Time, her first published novel.

Now I have the privilege of handing m blog over to AE Kirk for a bit, enjoy!

Hello. I'm Abi and I'm a fantasy, romance and sci-fi author who lives in Merry Old England! My friends class me as an English Eccentric, but I just find I'm fun, although typical to English people, I do drink a lot of tea and always end up talking about the weather at least 3-4 times a day! I'm also a Downton Abbey fan, an archaeologist, a dyslexic, a Nutella eater, Harry Potter nutter and Editor in Chief of a fantasy magazine, the Kingdom of Fantasy. But on another note, I want to share with you a few random things about the development of the book.

I'm part of an amazing website called Wattpad, which is basically Youtube for e-books. I started out in 2010 and one of my most popular books was featured on the site! But then in 2011 I participated in a competition that Wattpad hosted. The competition was writing a novel in 3 months! The end result was Loving In Time, where it was featured on Wattpad as a runner-up winning novel. During writing LIT, I was hard pushed to find good music (playlist below) so my fans helped me out. My main genre's that I write in are fantasy and sci-fi, so I had never done a romance story before, but I gave it ago. The book is the first of a five book series called the In Time series, but it's only on Wattpad so far. The second book, Journey In Time, is on Wattpad to read for free.

Below is a short playlist of music that helped me write during the creation of the story and also I added a few songs that I felt were right for the book if I ever lived in a lucky world and the book became a film.

Justin Villarosa - I Hate High School
Nickleback - How You Remind Me
Thin Lizzie - The Boys Are Back in Town
He Is We - His Name
Imogen Heap -The Moment I Said It
Joy Williams - Speaking A Dead Language
The Wailin' Jenny's - Across the Sea
Stevie Nicks - Landslide
Dixie Chicks - You Were Mine
Avril Lavigne - I Love You
Hinder- Without You

I want to thank Tanya’s Book Nook for giving me a guest post on their blog. It was fun collecting the playlist and delving into my English eccentricity.

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