Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review - "The Vampire Hunter's Daughter: Part VI" by Jennifer Malone Wright

The sixth installment of The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter begins right where the fifth part left off, with Chloe and her friends running for their lives as they escape the dungeons below Trevor’s home. Chloe lights their way through the darkness, but they emerge into a bloody battle with her vampire nemesis and his minions.

Even though Chloe has a battle on her hands, she is still a teenager and thinking about teenager things, like which of the handsome hunter boys she will choose.

This installment will leave you wanting more as Chloe and the other vampire hunter’s take their final stand with Trevor. Who will walk away alive, who will die, and where will they go from there?

My Review:

This is the sixth and final installment in The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter Series.  We left off in the last one where Chloe and her friends were trying to escape the dungeons of Trevor’s castle after finding out what he in had in mind for her.  Chloe leads them through and out to freedom only to be chased down by Trevor.  Will Chloe and her friends have the strength to defeat Trevor?  Will Chloe finally accept the fact that she loves Drew more than she does Gavin?  Will they be able to get along long enough to help Chloe out? 

This was a great ending to a great series.  I truly enjoyed reading the story of Chloe right from the beginning where she found out she was a vampire hunter who’s father was one she is trained to kill.  Her struggles with being in a new home, surrounded by people she doesn’t know and learning to be what she truly is a vampire hunter.  There are the typical teenage dramas in there but they just add that much more to the story besides what’s a book about teenagers without the typical teenage drama 

If you are looking for action, love, and paranormal than this is the perfect book for you! 

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