Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review - "Morning Stars" by Jason T. Graves

Vampires are real, as Marissa is delighted to discover, until she finds that drinking blood isn't all it's cracked up to be. And so it goes ... Madeline uncovers new mysteries and makes new friends, while Marissa makes a mess of her life and doesn't stop to wonder what's going wrong. Two "normal" teenage identical twin girls are learning of and coming to terms with their destiny, their powers and their calling. 


Morning Stars is a continuation from “Blood Roses”.  In this book, you wil find that Marissa and Madeline are struggling with being a vampire with Madeline not wanting to accept it and drink the blood.  Marissa is still quick to snap and want to fight those who confront her.  There are secrets to be made, secrets to be uncovered, truths to be shared and of course the typical bad guys. 

I truly enjoyed the second book as much as the first.  There were so many questions that I needed answered from the first one and I felt that I got those in this one although now I’m faced with a few more questions that will have to wait until book 3….  Yes that’s right, there will have to be a book 3.  The girls each are unique but thrive off the other and bring a certain energy to the book.  I absolutely love the attitude that these girls have and will say whatever they are thinking no matter whom they are talking with.  The story moved along great, I didn’t feel like there was any lags in it.  There was the perfect amount of action and was placed perfectly throughout the book . 

Definitely a must read and if you haven’t read book 1, you need definitely need to start there :D

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