Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review - "Reckoning" by Molly M Hall

Kat can see things that others cannot and she has been seeing this girl in a pink dress lately. One night a mysterious boy moves in next door without any parents, and to top things off, these spirits that she sees are getting stronger for some reason.  Kat doesn't know what she thinks of Lovell (her neighbor) but there is just something about him that intrigues her.

I gave this book a three just because I could go either way.  I loved the paranormal aspect of it and the mystry surrounding Lovell but I felt at times there just wasn't enough and focused more on the new boyfriend.  I get this is the normal teenage stuff but sometimes I was like "move on already and get on with the good stuff".

saying that though, I did enjoy the story and whole Kat, Rachel, Lovell dynamic.

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