Friday, July 12, 2013

Book Tour - "Sucker Literary an Anthology" by Ann Karasinski

Sucker Literary – Volume 2 Blurb
When Alex’s bandmates invite a girl to sing lead, a battle of the sexes becomes a battle over something unexpected. . . A girl tells her friend about hooking up with longtime crush Fred, but his kisses are not what makes that night in his car memorable. . . A therapy session with Doug might just make Jason go insane again. . . Wallflower Aubrey hooks up with Gordon after the cast party, which would be fine if he weren’t the most forbidden fruit of them all…Savannah certainly doesn’t sound like a convict’s name, so maybe hanging out with her isn’t all that dangerous. Miki is committed to getting over Dex, yet she can’t get him off her answering machine—or her doorstep. In between puffs of cigarettes and attempts to smear lipstick on her face, Allie’s grandmother dishes out advice that maybe Allie should take. . . And finally, what’s a girl to do with Satan as both her boss and father? Nine short stories pose the questions we obsess over whether we’re growing up or all grown up: Who should I love? Am I doing the right thing? Is there ever an end to heartbreak? In its second volume, SUCKER continues to showcase the very best emerging talent in young adult literature and give (some of) the answers to Life’s Big Questions along the way.

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Sucker will reopen the doors for Volume 3 submissions. One day ONLY, August 1, 2013. Find the guidelines HERE.
Sucker Free Day – July 20th and 21st
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About the author:

Ann S. Karasinski work has appeared in newspapers, journals, essay collections, and on NPR.  She has an MA in Psychology from the University of Michigan and a t-shirt from the Iowa Writers’ Summer Workshop.  You can read one of her essays at

Excerpt from “A Level Playing Field” by Ann S. Karasinski, Sucker Literary Volume 2

He’s got his game face on so Ryan won’t know he’s an asshole, but I don’t say anything. I turn and stare out the window at the bird feeders that Ryan set up because he thinks watching birds is fun, just like he thinks listening to me blab is fun. I’m not kidding. Ryan could spend the whole fucking day listening to me blab. I watch a muddy gray bird that’s sitting on the pole the feeder’s hanging on.

I’m sitting on the sofa where I always sit, and—no surprise—Doug has already pissed me off. I mean, I want to crank him, knock his fucking head off, but me and Ryan have been working on how to be calmer, so I take a ginormous swallow of Mountain Dew that Ryan let me get from the vending machine in the staff lounge, and I count to ten, slow in my head. Doug says that Mountain Dew looks like radioactive mule piss, but I don’t care. It helps me calm down and think.

Ryan sits down in his chair by the desk, and there isn’t another chair, so tha
t means that Doug has to sit on the sofa with me. Fuck.

I grab a pillow and hold it balanced on one edge like a wall between me and Doug so he knows that he can’t come on my side, but Doug doesn’t even notice. He relaxes against the back of the sofa, like he’s happy to be here, and it makes me pissed again, and I wish I could build a real wall and say Fuck You to Doug.

In class, Mr. Hibden told us about the wall in Berlin that they used to have until we kicked Russia’s ass in the Cold War. That’s what me and Doug have. A fucking cold war, except Doug doesn’t even know it. And if I really said Fuck You to Doug, he’d knock my head off. But a huge cement wall says Fuck You without saying anything, you know?

Mr. Hibden is the one who helped me after I went nuts in school. I was in his class, and my mom’s ghost sneaked in and blindsided me, and I went completely insane. I’m not kidding. I started thinking about all this crazy shit, and then I was twitching and making these funny noises, and all the other kids started laughing, you know, like they thought it was a joke. But then they realized it wasn’t a joke, so they started laughing even harder, and I just wanted to get the hell out of there, but it was like my mom’s ghost wrapped me up, and I couldn’t move until Mr. Hibden pulled me out from under the desk and walked me down to the office. He’s nice like that. You know, he won’t let the assholes pick on anyone, not even the losers.


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