Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Book Tour - "Laying Low in Paradise" by Kristy K. James

Date Published: 5/14/2013

Laura Keane and her son have been spending summers at their chalet on Bois Blanc Island since her husband was killed in the war. She never let anyone else in after the chaplain delivered the sad news four years ago, so it’s just the two of them, and she wouldn’t change it for the world.

Cameron Rafferty and his friends were keeping secrets. Dangerous secrets, and they’d hoped the little island paradise would be a safe place to hide out. The plan to keep a low profile quickly unravels when an accident changes everything. Cameron soon finds himself becoming more involved with the Keane family than he’d intended -and wishing for things he shouldn’t.


      Short excerpt:
      “Oh we have so much to teach you, and so little time to do it,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Grand gestures can be very romantic, but it’s the little things we appreciate the most.”
“Because it means the man put some thought into it. Take your dad, for instance. He knew I loved wildflowers and sometimes, on his way home from the base, he’d find fields of flowers and pick me a bouquet. Those meant more to me than if he’d stopped at a florist shop to buy me a dozen roses.”
“So you’re saying that for something to be really romantic, you want to know the guy did some work. And if he sweats to make it happen, that’s even better.”

     Long excerpt:
“I’ll make sure the fire is out, Mom. It won’t take long.”
“I’ll help him,” Cameron said. “Can you get to the house all right?”
“I’m getting really good on these crutches, or hadn’t you noticed?”
“Yeah, you’re quite the expert,” Finley drawled. “Nevertheless, I’ll escort you to the deck.”
“Thank you, kind sir.” She managed a respectable curtsey then said, “Good night, Cameron. See you tomorrow?”
“Yes. Definitely. Supper, remember? Good night, Laura. Sweet dreams.”
He and Sam worked in companionable silence for a few minutes, making a few trips to the lake to fill the bucket. When the water hit the hot embers, hissing filled the air, along with billowing clouds of steam.
“I’m glad Brendan came out,” Sam said quietly.
“So am I. I appreciate all the help you’ve given me with him. I don’t know if I’ve told you that, but I do.”
“It’s okay.” Another silence followed, then Sam observed, “You were holding my mom’s hand.”
“Yes I was. Is that okay?” Cameron held his breath waiting for the answer.
“Do you like her?”
“Very much.”
“Then I guess it’s okay.”
“Would it bother you if I asked her to go for a boat ride tomorrow?”
“Just the two of you?”
“You know she hasn’t been out with anyone since my dad died? Well, except for that creep, Jerry.”
“Yeah. She said he was a jerk on their date. And then he kissed her when he brought her home. She didn’t want him to, but he wouldn’t stop.” Cameron felt his fingers curl into fists. “I hit him with my ball bat.”
“Good for you.” He reached out to squeeze boy’s shoulder.
“The bat is in my closet. In the chalet.” Cameron bit back a smile.
“Sam, I give you my word, if things seem like they’re headed in that direction and your mother doesn’t want to kiss me, I won’t force her to.”
“I didn’t think you would. I just thought I ought to let you know.”
“I appreciate the heads up.”


I was supposed to have a review of this but I had an unexpected loss in my family, so needless to say the review will come at a later time

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