Monday, May 27, 2013

Review - "Mythos: The Descendants" by Vrinda Pendred

Publication Date: 2013
Genre:  Young Adult, Fantasy

Just before Stephen died, he left a note. 
And the note read: Don’t let them get my children.

Itzel Loveguard has a secret. The stories she can’t seem to stop writing...sometimes they come true. And now she thinks she may have killed her own father. 

But she’s not the only one. Her estranged half-brother Oz and his unfailingly charming friend Seth can do things too. And so can the handsome grey-eyed boy, who seems to have stepped right out of Itzy’s dreams and has been travelling to London in search of the mysterious black pulse.

Suddenly Itzy finds herself in a strange new world of magic and mythology. And she and her new friends are all in grave danger…because the Ancients are coming for them.

Cover and Description from :    Goodreads

Tanya's Review:

After the death of her father, 17 year old Itzel learns that she is not the only one with special powers..her half brother and his friend has some too.  With the new found knowledge of this, Itzy also finds out that there is more to hear heritage than she can even begin to know.  Itzy finds herself, Oz and Seth setting out to find out more about themselves, what their father was trying to explain to them in his journal and what is it exactly that the Ancients want with them.

The story was interesting but I can honestly say that I really struggled to keep going with this after I found out who the Ancients and well Itzy were exactly.  I'm not saying that the story wasn't good, it's just that I wouldn't typically read about this type of thing.  However saying that, I found myself wanting to find out what would become of Itzy and Seth or if she would go for Aiden.  Although the story was interesting I don't think i will be reading on if there are more books continuing on for Itzy.

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