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Excerpt - "The Vampire Code" by E.C. Adams

I have had the privlege to chat with E.C. through Goodreads and I am so excited to be doing this post for her as well as for the release of "The Vampire Code".  E.C. has already posted Chapters 1 and 2 on her blog and I am telling you, I can not wait to read more!!

While chatting with E.C. she kindly offered up an excerpt from the book and without further a-du, here it is??

   Sebastian searched me with his hands and his eyes, looking for some damage. I was shaking, but unharmed and keeping it together. However, I almost lost it when Sebastian reached around, pulled a knife out of his back, wiped the blood off the blade on his trousers, and tucked the mean-looking blade in the small of his back.   
    “I need your help,” he told me before he turned so I could see his back and the hilt of a second knife jutting from between his shoulder blades. Blood oozed down from his other wound, smearing the hilt of this second dagger. “One sharp pull,” he told me. “Please. I cannot reach it.”
    I had never seen so much blood before in my life and my mind started shutting down. 
    He bent down, hands on his knees, to give me better purchase. “We don’t have much time. Pull the knife out now. Please.” 
    Cursing, I grabbed the hilt of the dagger with both hands, closed my eyes, and tugged. My hands slipped from all the blood and I almost burst out crying. This was insane. 
    I started hyperventilating. I wasn’t cut out for violence. These sorts of things were only supposed to happen to strange people who hung out with the wrong crowd, not to me. I was a normal person. 
    So I did what normal people would do in a situation like this—I burst into hysterical laughter, and Sebastian turned to see me staring at my hands, hiccupping and breathing heavily, my eyes wide with shock.
    “You can do it,” he told me, still bent double. “It won’t even hurt and if you think about it, it will make for a great story to tell your grandchildren some day.” He smiled. How could he smile with a dagger in his back? 
    I looked at Sebastian then, really looked at him. How many lives had he lived already? This must be a welcome adventure to him, something to kill the tedium of eternal life.
              “Son of a bitch,” I whispered…


After reading this, I had a couple minor questions for Aurora and here is what she had to say

1. What do you think makes you different from the other lawyers in your firm? 

At the time, I couldn't make sense of Ani's decision to hire me to defend Robert. There were plenty of other lawyers at my firm with many more years of experience. Of course, now I know it was meant to be, and Ani being the meddling, centuries-old vampire that she is, just gave things a little push. I guess she cannot help herself.

2. Why accept a job to represent vampires? Aren’t you scared for your safety?

I was terrified. Didn't it show? 

But I was ambitious too. I wanted to make partner, and this case would be the spring board I needed. After this trial, the sky would be the limit. And I never had an issue with vampires. Okay... I didn't love them at the time, and they scared me, but I didn't hate them either. Live and let live, and all that. 

So yes, I was willing to defend a vampire and think of him as I would of any other client. I had no qualms accepting Robert Fiscard as a client.

3. Are you accepting the job for the case itself or because you find yourself attracted to Sebastian?

I definitely didn't sign up for the job because I thought Sebastian was hot. In fact, I was a little scared of him at first. 

I accepted the job for the challenge it presented, and for career advancement. But after spending time with Sebastian, I became emotionally invested in the case. I wanted to win to save his brother Robert, because he was innocent, and he deserved justice. 

Then later, when the bad guys started targeting me, it just mad me so mad, I became even more determined to ensure Robert would be acquitted and that justice prevailed.


what do you think?  It sounds like Aurora is going to be involved in just more than the case ;)

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