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Blog Tour Stop - "Lost in Time" by Christie Palmer

Book Description:

Hidden in the shadows of the Infernos, Celeste is surrounded by the protection of Dante and her brothers. She is a Demon/Reaper a being that should never have been. An elite fighter, Celeste has honed her fighting skills and is a deadly weapon for Dante. Her one weakness? A Fallen Angel she has loved for two centuries.

Marcus a Fallen Angel knew the unconditional love of the Gods, and Angels. But he fell to the mortal plane in dishonor. Five hundred years ago he fell for a mortal, but she spurned him. Taking a vow of celibacy he has dedicated himself to fighting the evils of the world. Believing that he will one day be worthy of his lost mortals love as well as redemption from the Angels who turned him away.
One of the First… Calliope has been released onto the mortal plane. His one and only goal is to destroy Dante and the Reapers. Taking his rightful place as the ruler of the Infernos.
The only weapon that can kill Calliope is the Black Sword, a sword so evil only one creature in existence can carry it. Celeste. But she can’t hunt down Calliope on her own. She is forced to partner with the one being she wants more than life itself, Marcus.
Can a Reaper/Demon and a Fallen Angel work together to kill Calliope before he succeeds in taking over the Infernos and releasing hell on earth?

Author Bio: 

Who am I?
This is a tough question to answer, it would be cliché’ to say: "I'm whoever you want me to be." (Wink, wink)

However, the bare facts are, I'm a mother of 2, a wife of almost 20 years, a daughter, sister, friend, loud obnoxious cubical partner. (Seriously, we aren't meant to be stuck together, in tiny boxes like this.)
I have a B.S. Degree in Information Technology.  And I want nothing more in the world than to be a published author of Urban Fantasy Romance.

I was born and raised in a suburb of Salt Lake City, UT. called West Jordan. Where I live, about 2 miles from the home I grew up in. World traveler I am not.

I currently work a full time day job as a Business Analyst which is a fancy term for I work on a computer all day. (boooo, this technical stuff makes my muse cry). Nuff said. One day I will be a full time writer. Until then, I shall slog along at my day job.

So if I'm not working the day job or writing. You will find me reading, which is my greatest past time. Unless, my family has kidnapped me! Taken me out of my comfort zone! Away from running water, and a flushing toilet, away from electricity and God forbid Wi-Fi. (It makes no sense to want leave the city!! There are things outside of the city that can kill, and eat you. NO thanks.) Camping, they’ve taken me camping….. (sniff sniff).

Or you might find me cycling, which is my new hobby, even though I tend to crash a lot! My husband calls me crash, but I love it. When I cycle I feel free, my brain and all my characters are quiet, and I can think. After 20 miles or so I am able to internalize my next moves not only in life but in writing as well. I am a true believe that everyone needs this type of release. You just have to find what that release is for you.

I obsessively stalk Twitter, Facebook, and lurk in Yahoo groups rarely making comments. I’m working on that part, wish me luck.

I love music and if I am I ever seen without my iPhone I have been kidnapped by aliens and every action should be taken to retrieve the real me.

What if they don’t have running water, flushing toilets, electricity or…say it isn’t possible Wi-Fi in space??

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Twitter: @christieauthor


Celeste cried after Marcus left. He had been so kind to her last night. Giving her everything she could need in order to heal and he had taken nothing in return.
      “If the Angels find out about you, the Tribunal, the Council they will have you killed. You are an abomination.” Her mother had cupped her face and kissed her forehead. “I love you and that is why I tell you this. Keep that Fallen at a distance. Go back to the Infernos where you are safe. How could you possibly let a Fallen get so close? Of all species, why a Fallen? They were thrown from Heaven and the fields for a reason. He could never possibly love or care for someone like you.”
      “Yes, Mother,” was all she was capable of saying by the time her mother had finished. Throwing ice cold water on the small fire she let herself build between herself and Marcus. The pain so intense she felt as if she were back in the cement room with Calliope.
      Marcus had come in and had been so gentle with her, not walking away, but pressing her, trying to fix it. She cried harder and slammed her fist against her pillow. It wasn’t fair. The Fates were cruel. To give her a taste of the love she craved more than her own life, only to rip it out from beneath her, before she realized she hadn’t taken the opportunity to savor it like she should have.

            Eventually she cried herself to sleep, hoping she dreamed of Marcus and his quiet whispered words of comfort. She thought of caring and love. Now it burned like ash in the pit of her stomach.


Celeste is a half-breed, part lust demon part reaper and is a very skilled figher.  Well she should be as her father is the one an only Dante and is the well kept secret of the Infernos.  Two centries Celeste has cared for a fallen angel named Marcus each and every time he meets up with Dante, the one downfall is that he believes it is the one that he fell in love for and the one that made him fall from Heaven. 

Now comes in Calliope, one of the first who’s goal is to be the ruler of the Infernos and perhaps even lower.  Celeste is the only individual who can handle a sword that is can kill Caliope and must team up with Marcus to track Calliope and to stop him from taking over the Infernos.  The question is, can Celeste work with Marcus knowing how she feels for him and will Marcus finally realize that Celeste is the one who has been caring for him all these years and not his mortal wife.

Right from the beginning I was drawn into the story of Celeste, finding it interesting how she can put herself through the heartache each time Marcus comes to the inferno knowing he will never realize it is her who cares and loves him.  In my opinion, Marcus is very stubborn and pig-headed.  Yes he has fallen from the graces of God for a woman and yes Celeste can be a pain in the butt sometimes too but jeez give a girl a chance!

I loved how the story progressed and how the events that took place tested their relationaship both as a fighting partners and as individuals.  I definitely will read the next book if there is one and definitely recommend this one as a must read!

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