Monday, April 8, 2013

Stacking the Shelves

Stacking the Shelves

This is my first Stacking the Shelves and thought it would be fun to join in this week.  So here is my additions to my "shelves" for this past week


Epidemic by J P Choquette

For Review

Elixir Bound by Katie L Carroll
My Ex From Hell by Tellulah Darling
Bone Dressing by Michelle Brooks


Death Has a Name (The Brodie Wade Series) by Jerry Hanel
The Silhouette by Thomas William Shaw
The Enchanted Writes by Sarah Good
The First Night by M.S. Fowle
The Guardians of the Deepest Light by Cory McCoy
Seer’s Hope by Maree Anderson
A Spell Cast (All three Volumes) by Tessa Stokes
Back to Blue by Josephine Dillon
Rescue by Meaka Kyle
Son of the Green by Same Seudo
A hope in Hell by Jeremy Sterling
Storm Front by Lissa Bilyk
Limits @ Infinity by J.C. Bell
Hungering Shadows by David Sherman
Siofra’s Fight by Theresa Marguerite Hewitt
Cinderella is Evil by Jamie Campbell
Equinox by Melinda Bardon
Stuff of Folklore by Same Seudo
Destiny of the Vampire by Tina Traverse
The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox
A bit of Bite by Cynthia Eden
Slayer’s Kiss by Cassi Carver
Hex and the Single Witch by Roxanne Rhoads
Ward of the Vampires by Kallysten
Reveal by Brina Courtney
A soul to steal by Rob Blackwell
Turned by Morgan Rice


  1. Lots of freebies! That's almost enough for me for 6 months!

    Happy reading!
    Michelle @ Playing Jokers

    1. I'm sure I won't get to them too soon but you can't pass up a freebie LOL

  2. Look at all those freebies! I love finding freebie deals.

    The Monster Report

  3. WOW. Nice Haul!

    Here's my latest STS

    Stacking the Shelves