Monday, April 29, 2013

Cover Reveal - "Morning Stars" by Jason T Graves

Vampires are real, as the Owen twins—Madeline and Marissa—have discovered, and so much more than they thought possible. Three months have passed and their family is still fractured, with Sarah in a coma and Evan a shell of his former self. The twins have manifested new powers and abilities, not always to their benefit. Madeline has uncovered new mysteries, while Marissa quietly suffers from increasingly horrific nightmares, including the newest plague: blood hunger.

In the Morgensterns’ world, Marlena appears to have recovered from her madness, but she fails to convince Madeline. Wilhelm’s seeming need for crisis management is increasingly tested as he and Maelcom seek the answer to Kaspar’s heritage, Marissa continues to be Wilhelm’s personal thorn, a trusted friend makes a spectacular act of betrayal, and Corelis returns. And, in the shadows, a darker foe is watching… and waiting.

The twins want to be normal teenagers, but strange events and people of indeterminable intent increasingly hem in their world. Can the twins just live normal lives? The better question is: can the twins simply survive the lives they have?

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