Thursday, April 4, 2013

2013 To be Read Pile Challenge

I'm new to the reviewing/blogging world for books.  I have been blogging as a crafter for a few years now (My Craft Corner) but decided that it was time to start paying attention to my second love....reading.  So looking through some of the reading/review blogs I came across this challenge and thought I'd join in.  I have SO many books to read that I figured, this would be the perfect one for me to join in.  My goal for the year is to read 20 of the books that I have yet to read.  I haven't set up a system for me to choose which one's yet but will update this list as  get them done.

Epidemic - J.P. Choquette
Moon Spell - Samantha Young
❤ Tab Bennett and the Inbetween - Jes Young
❤ Soul Protector - Amanda Leigh Cowley
❤ Fallen - James Somers
❤ Moon's Dreaming - Marguerite Krause
❤ Awakened - Brenda Davies
❤ Fairy Metal Thunder - JL Bryan
❤ Shadowed Ground - Vicki Keire
❤ Rescue - Meaka Kyel
❤ A Stone's Throw - Annie Bellet
❤ Winged Victory - L.F. Hampton
❤ White Rock - J.J. Westendarp
❤ Primal Heat - Donna Grant
❤ Ereolon's Day of Demons - Vanessa Finaughty
❤ My Lunatic Life - Sharon Sala
❤ The Banshee and the Linebacker - P.R. Mason
❤ Werewolf Love Story - H.T. Night
❤ The Guardians of the Deepest Light - Cory Mccoy
❤ Stone-Cold Lover - Mel Teshco

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